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24 Hour Care & Services

Empowering Residents with 24-Hour Care and Assistance at Happy Memories Senior Care

A pair of young-looking hands delecately holding the hands of an elderly person.

Happy Memories Senior Care believes in providing our residents with the perfect balance of care and independence. Our dedicated staff offers 24-hour assistance with daily activities to ensure our residents have the support they need, while also encouraging them to maintain their independence and dignity. By helping with daily tasks, we allow our residents to focus their energy on enjoying life to the fullest and engaging in the activities THEY love.

Caretaker conversing with and painting the nails of a Happy Memories Senior resident.
A Supportive Environment for Daily Activities:

Our compassionate and professional team is always on hand to provide assistance with a range of daily tasks and activities. We understand that each resident is unique and may require different levels of support. That's why we work closely with our residents and family to understand their needs and offer tailored assistance while promoting their autonomy.

Some of the daily activities we assist with include:

  • Dressing
    Helping our residents choose their outfits and get dressed for the day and comfy for the evening.

  • Grooming
    Assisting with hair care, dental hygiene, and other grooming needs.

  • Showering
    Ensuring residents feel comfortable and safe while maintaining their personal hygiene.

  • Shaving
    Providing assistance with facial hair grooming as needed.

  • Toileting
    Offering discreet and respectful support with toileting and incontinence care.

  • Walking
    Accompanying residents on walks and providing mobility assistance when needed.

  • Making Phone / Video Calls
    Helping residents stay connected with friends and family by assisting with phone or video calls.

  • Transportation
    Arranging transportation for medical appointments, social outings, and other needs.

Fostering Independence
and Joy:
Happy Memories caretaker standing next to a senior resident holding flowers and smiling.

Our goal at Happy Memories Senior Care is to help our residents lead fulfilling and joyful lives. By offering assistance with daily activities, we can help to alleviate some of the burdens they may face, allowing them to have more energy for the things they truly enjoy. Whether it's participating in our engaging social activities or spending quiet moments with loved ones, we are here to support our residents every step of the way.


At Happy Memories Senior Care, our 24-hour care and assistance with daily activities create a nurturing environment that empowers our residents to live life to the fullest. Our compassionate team is committed to providing the support, encouragement, and independence that seniors need to thrive and create lasting memories in our warm and loving community.

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